First Financial Corporation of America and Colorado First Financial Corporation of America now offers the ability to download your account information to your home computer using either Microsoft Money or Intuit's Quicken software.

Microsoft Money Download Instructions

Before you begin, you will need to set up your accounts on your MS Money software. Once you have completed the new account set-up, you may exit and close out of the MS Money software.

The Download: 

Once your accounts have been created on MS Money, you will not need to open your software before downloading. The software will open automatically during the download from Horizon Online.

  1. Enter your Horizon Online ID and PIN to begin your online session.
  2. Go to the Home Banking drop-down menu and select the "Download" option.
  3. On the "Download" screen you will need to select the appropriate account from which to download your transactions.
  4. Select to "Download transactions between two dates." Enter the dates in the blank fields. (After downloading the first time, you will select "Transactions since the last download".)
  5. Select format - Open Financial Exchange (.OFX - for Microsoft Money).
  6. Click on the tab, "Download Transactions", at the bottom of the screen to continue with the download instructions.
  7. The next screen that will appear contains specific instructions for downloading. However, since you are directly downloading into the MS Money software you will only need to click on the arrow link at the bottom of the screen.
  8. A text box will appear that says, "A file has been downloaded and will run the next time you open your MS Money software. Open MS Money now?" Click on Yes.
  9. Your MS Money software will open and your downloaded information will be displayed in the text box. Make sure that the appropriate MS Money account has been accepted to receive the downloaded information. Click on Next.
  10. The following message will be displayed: "File import completed successfully. Received statement and latest balance for: (Acct's Name)." Click on Close.
  11. Now you may open your account's register to see the downloaded information. Once the register is open, click on "Online" on the Money Home toolbar.
  12. Double click on your account to read the statement.
  13. The following screen will say "Statements & Balances." Highlight your account by clicking on it with your mouse, then click on "Read Statement" at the bottom of the screen.
  14. Your downloaded transactions will appear. Click on "Update Account Register."
  15. Next you will be taken through each transaction separately. This will give you an opportunity to add to the description or make any other corrections.
  16. Once you have gone through each transaction, your download is complete.